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New Teacher Evaluation Instrument: Standard V

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Standard V: Teachers reflect on their practice

Teachers analyze student learning.

Teachers think systematically and critically about student learning in their classrooms and schools:  why learning happens and what can be done to improve achievement. 

Teachers collect and analyze student performance data to improve school and classroom effectiveness.  They adapt their practice based on research and data to best meet the needs of students.


Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals.  

Teachers participate in continued, high-quality professional development that reflects a global view of educational practices; includes 21st century skills and knowledge; aligns with the State Board of Education priorities; and meets the needs of students and their own professional growth.


Teachers function effectively in a complex, dynamic environment.  

Understanding that change is constant, teachers actively investigate and consider new ideas that improve teaching and learning.  They adapt their practice based on research and data to best meet the needs of their students.


Examples of Artifacts

Lesson Plans

Professional Growth Plan

Formative and Summative Assessment Data

Formative Assessments

Completion of Professional Development

Student Work

Participation in professional learning community


To access the full North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process Document, click here:   (Pages 5-9 of this document will provide you with background information, definitions, and a rationale for the changes in the teacher evaluation process and instrument.)

To access all documents, videos, forms, PowerPoints, and charts related to the New Teacher Evaluation Process, click here: