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Welcome to the 2009-2010 School Year

August 23, 2009 3 comments

I will be communicating with you weekly by posting on my blog. You will be able to read the information, watch a video clip, make comments, or ask questions because blogging is interactive. The posts will also be organized in a manner that will allow you to reference communication without scrolling through e-mail.  I hope that you will find this form of social media is an effective means of communication that you may incorporate into your instructional format if you are not already doing so.   To understand more about blogs, watch this short video.

If you are already using blogs in your classroom, please leave a comment below with a link to your blog and a brief explanation of how you and your students interact via your blog.  Using all of our resources is the best way to meet the needs of all of our students.  In the right column you will find a brief tutorial on blogging followed by our opening meeting presentation.

As I shared during our opening meeting, our Achilles’ heel is student achievement for Blacks in mathematics, especially Black males.  We must keep in the forefront of our minds that we have been doing is working for most of our students, but for our Black students we must strategically approach achievement in ways that we have not explored previously. In addition to building solid relationships with our students, we must also ensure that learning is stimulating, engaging, and most important, fun.

Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life by Baruti K. Kafele will be the focus for developing and implementing a strategic approach for addressing achievement of Black Males.

In order to reach and teach all of our students we must bring a high degree of energy, enthusiasm, and passion to our classrooms to keep them consistently inspired to excel. After inspiring our students to want to learn, we must then motivate them to excel. Our work on assessment for learning will be paramount for creating the type of classroom environment that is needed for all students, but especially for our Black males.

Bear in mind that in order for your college prep students to be motivated to excel, they must first have goals. Please require your students to establish goals for your class for each three-week assessment period. Use this free goal-setting worksheet as a starting point, or feel free to create your own activity to help our students identify their goals and plan for their future successes.

Next, you will have to help students establish strategies for accomplishing the goals. Often our students of poverty lack the knowledge of how to “do school.”  It is our responsibility to help establish a plan for success. You may include what days that you or a department member will be staying after school to facilitate learning or which mornings that you are available before school to work with students.

Once goals have been set and achieved, you must seek any possible excuses to celebrate successes:  selecting students of the week/month, recognizing homework submission, posting student work samples regularly, and recognizing perfect attendance are just a few examples. You must personally make a big deal of student accomplishments.  When your students see that you are genuinely excited about their progress, they will be more likely to strive for excellence. Each quarter I sign every Honor Roll Certificate for our kids. I believe that if they are working to excel, I should take the time to personally sign the certificate and acknowledge their efforts when I see them in the hallways. It is exciting to see their faces light up when I thank them for their efforts.

Concentrating strategically on our college prep students, especially Black males, will enable us to meet our goal of 17 out of 17 targets!

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